Some teams see him as a mid-first rounder (the Dolphins could be one of those teams) and some teams see him as a second round pick.Charles Johnson Jersey So, if the Dolphins traded back any further than the 18th,Ladarius Green Jersey they would be playing a very dangerous game, one they lost last year when Denzel Perryman was taken before their delayed pick.Jaylon Smith Jersey However, the risk could pay off if Miami is able to both secure later picks and acquire a player like William Jackson III,Jason Pierre-Paul Jersey whose upside is much higher than many cornerbacks in this year's draft. There are no sure things in the NFL Draft.Vonn Bell Jersey Even the players who are labeled "safe" picks come with some potential risk. The real measure of how sure one can be in a player is how high their floor is.Golden Tate III Jersey This means that, at their worst,Charles Johnson Jersey how much can that player contribute? There are very few prospects in this year's class whose floor is as high as Reggie Ragland's.Marcus Mariota Jersey Coming out of the University of Alabama, a strong benefit in itself,Matt Jones Jersey Ragland is one of the more technically sound players in the class. He plays the inside linebacker position as it was meant to be played.Brian Hoyer Jersey He is not going to set the edge, or be a masterful coverage player. However, in a 4-3 defense, that isn't the primary goal of the ILB. That goal is to stuff the run and take advantage of the blocks used up by the crowded defensive line. At 250 lbs., you're going to be hard-pressed to find a better run-stuffing linebacker in this class than Reggie Ragland.